Friday, June 12, 2015

Donut Fonts

My wife and I have always laughed about the Dunkin Donuts font that looks like sausages. It does its job, though - you recognize it immediately, and you couldn't possibly use it for anything else. The font, by the way, is called Frankfurter, and it was designed by a gentleman named Alan Meeks. I wondered if Dunkin Donut's version of it could possibly be uglier, as suggested by Dean Shareski, who submitted the idea as a visual assignment for ds106.

This assignment intrigued me immediately. I like letter forms a lot. I've studied and practiced calligraphy a bit, and when I've occasionally free-lanced as a graphic designer my designs have relied heavily on fonts. I found an image of the Dunkin Donuts logo online, and cropped it down to just the lettering, so:
I immediately thought of using the much derided Hobo Bold, but it actually isn't that different in some ways, and it's not too too horrible:
So I kept going. I tried to find the most incongruous and potentially hideous font, and finally Curlz seemed to fit the bill:
That's more like it. But I felt bad for little Dunkin, so I thought I'd put him in a coat and tie:
Black tie no less. That's the much overused Times New Roman (which is not what the New York Times uses - they have their own proprietary version of Cheltenham).

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