Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lily-Dog Nightmare

OK, so we all like to talk to our pets in baby-talk. You know, poopsy-doopsy ohhhh what a good girl! Have you ever thought that it might not sound as appealing to your dog as it does to you?

I decided to take up Jason Nemeth's challenge in his audio assignment for ds106 to make an audio track that was spooky, or at least other-worldly. I started with a banjo track for the background, which happens to be me playing the traditional fiddle tune "Sail Away Ladies." Then I added short clips of myself speaking to my dog Lily in baby-talk. I duplicated and moved the clips around in the audio editor (actually an audio mixer called n-Track Studio which used to be freeware) and then added effects (mostly echo, reverb, and pitch-change) until I got something nightmarish. Not too scary, just a little malevolent, and then I faded out with the banjo.

1 comment:

  1. That probably is what we sound like to our pets. Creepy!