Sunday, June 21, 2015

Settling In

A Reflection on Week 2 of INTE 5340

One trick I use for dealing with the demands of my work is to build and rely upon templates. Templates are great because a certain amount of the task at hand (and sometimes a lot of the task) is embodied in the template, and the work-flow is much more efficient. The problem with a template, though, is that the template can become stale, or the work-flow become automatic. I like tinkering with my templates, though, changing and improving them, and I think this allows me to avoid being stale and automatic over time. I try not to lose sight of what the work is asking of me, and I try to stay committed to and mindful of the work.

I am feeling more confident in my navigation around the various pieces of this course, and this week I started building templates and habits that will carry me through the course. My high school is still in session, and it's the very end of the year and there are a lot of things to finish up, so it is still difficult to keep up with both schoolwork and coursework. One more week . . .

As the school year winds down, my thoughts turn to next year. I want to pursue this idea I have of using story to teach physics - specifically, having the students express physics in their own stories. By reading Lankshear & Knobel on literacy, I think that I may gain a broader perspective on physics-as-story, something along the lines of a physics literacy.

I posted the following:

I would give myself a 9/10 for the week - again, I was pretty happy with my work. I am particularly fond of and adept at audio production, so I was glad to have an audio assignment to sink my teeth into. I loved reading Lankshear & Knobel's second chapter. Even though I felt like I was barely hanging on to the language and ideas, I knew I was getting into the meat of their thesis, and I am eager to read more. Finally I feel like I'm starting to settle into this course, and I'm beginning to get a sense of how all the pieces will begin relating to and amplifying each other.

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