Monday, June 29, 2015

Video Chops

A Reflection on Week 3 of INTE 5340

This was the last week of school, and it kept me busy. It also provided material for some of the assignments, which, now that I think about it, has happened each week so far. I like the way that grad school work contributes to my high-school work, and vice versa.

Thinking more about next year, I am beginning to understand that teaching my students to use story to understand physics is going to be a multiple-literacies experience. When I imagine what I would like them to do, I see primarily the technical practices: using equations, graphs, diagrams, and charts as parts of a certain way of explaining; using online sites for finding and accessing texts, images, audio and video files, simulations, and models; and using other digital tools for creating presentation material, software like Photoshop and hardware like Smart Boards. In other words, I imagine what it is that I already do, the ways in which I am literate, and how I can model these technical practices for my students.

I posted the following:
  • My first and second TDC assignments
  • My Video AB assignment
  • My Response to L&K Chapter 3
  • My first and second Critiques
  • My four Peer Comments (1 2[post][comment] 3 4)
  • and this Reflection
  • I also worked some more on my Video AB assignment. When I record video indoors with the Surface tablet, funny things happen to the color in the low light. I didn't really know how to tweak the color in the video clips, though I did experiment, but I was not happy with the final posted video. It satisfied the assignment, but I really wanted to get the color right, just for my own enlightenment. I did it finally, and the result is here.

I would give myself a 10/10 for the week. I was very pleased with my work, and I really sank into my reading response. I am getting better at video production - I feel like I'm really developing my video "chops." I continue to enjoy reading Lankshear & Knobel. I'm beginning to see everything around me as a potential literacy issue!

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