Sunday, July 12, 2015

AB Frustration

A Reflection on Week 5 of INTE 5340

The competition for my time became intense this week because my wife broke her foot. She tripped over our dog Lily and, trying not to crush the poor dear, caught her fall with her foot and cracked three bones. Fortunately this was after the weekend's big parade.

I've had some concern about the Assignment Bank at ds106. In the first three weeks, there were so many assignments to choose from that I had no problem picking something out that I liked. In week 4, the pickings seemed a bit slim, and this week there were very few interesting options. What do I mean by interesting? First you should know that I'm not an avid consumer of pop culture. I don't watch movies, or much television, and I don't have cable TV or Internet radio or a smartphone loaded with apps or even an iPod. So when an assignment starts with "Pick your favorite TV show . . . " my eyes glaze over. And it's not just that I'm older, I've always been this way.

The problem became more severe when I needed to make the assignments be about my focal topic, which is the teaching of physics. My solution was to look for assignments that were focused on a technique, and in which the content could be open-ended. These criteria tended to narrow the options considerably, though.

I posted the following:

I would give myself a 9.5/10 for the week. I really put a lot into all my assignments and writing this week, especially the mashup, but posted my critique a day late. It was fun to read Lankshear & Knobel on blogs since I have so much experience with them. I have been avoiding learning how to build a wiki, though, and even wondered if they were relevant anymore. L&K's take on wikis has convinced me to take up the challenge on behalf of my students.


  1. Bill,

    I don't think you should build a wiki, I think you should have your students build the wiki! I haven't taken a look at your project yet, but I'll head there after I finish this post :) I decided to learn how to rotoscope in Photoshop, and this was a pretty cool process. I could see how you might be able to use this to bring a concept or process video relating to physics more alive. Even though some of the assignments are pretty specific, I think they are open to interpretation as well :) Hang in there, and best wishes to you and your wife!

    1. Did you rotoscope for your mashup assignment? I'll take a look, because that was my second choice, and I've never done it before, and I agree with you that it would be a cool technique for science animation. Thanks.