Sunday, July 12, 2015

Animated GIF's on Flickr

There is no problem uploading an animated GIF to Flickr - Flickr just converts it to a JPG. Of course it is then no longer animated. There is an easy way to display the animation, though it won't show on your Photostream or Camera Roll.

Start by uploading the GIF in the usual manner. Once the image is in your Photostream, click on the image to bring up its page. Click the Share Photo (arrow going up and to the right) icon. In the small new window, choose HTML embed. The top input box has options for image sizes that drop down - choose Original. Copy the embed code and close the small window. Now, back on the page for your image, scroll down to the "Add a comment" box and paste the embed code in as a comment. That's it! If you want, add a note to the image caption saying that the image is an animated GIF which can be viewed below. There's an example here. Make sure you scroll down to the comments!

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