Saturday, July 25, 2015

DaVinci Man Waits for the Bus

I woke up in the middle of the night, climbed out of bed, and headed for the bathroom. When I returned, my wife, who was only half-awake, muttered "DaVinci Man Goes to the Bathroom." I figured out what she meant, and starting laughing. She woke up enough to laugh with me. Some of my wife's best material comes when she's half-awake (or half-asleep).

I was able to picture DaVinci Man, or as it is better known, Vitruvian Man, in my mind's eye, walking down the hallway to the bathroom, and I realized that it could be a Daily Create assignment in ds106. I submitted it as a photography suggestion; catch DaVinci Man in a mundane everyday activity. Of course I created my own - DaVinci Man Waits for the Bus.

(My Daily Create suggestion for ds106)


  1. LOL! The great creative energy of being in a good marriage for a number of years. Great teamwork!

  2. Commented a wee minute ago on your Flickr.
    Nice to connect. Mal

  3. A great plan, your Vitruvian Man. You got a good wife m' lad.
    How did the "event" go?
    And, what is ds106, please?