Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Physics of Remix

A Reflection on Week 4 of INTE 5340

I guess every week is going to have something competing for my time. My marching band performed this weekend, and I was kept busy all week with the details (not to mention the marching itself on the Fourth). I thought I kept up with the course pretty well considering. Playing music this week made me think a lot about music as remix: composing, producing, performing, recording, are all remix practices.

I'm thinking again about the next school year, and about all the instructional materials I'm constantly designing and tinkering with. Of course, this is remix as well. I steal shamelessly from the Internet and from my fellow teachers. I watch how students respond, and re-remix accordingly. The concept of remix allows me to see more clearly how my students, using remix techniques, could improve their ability to "speak" or "write" physics , and I'm eager to try some ideas. I'll be remixing, of course, from materials that already work for me.

I posted the following:

I would give myself a 10/10 for the week. I really put a lot into my Design AB assignment, and learned a lot. I also tweeted responses a bit more, trying to figure out more about working the Twitter machine . . . And as I did last week, I enjoyed reading Lankshear & Knobel, and now I see everything around me as remix!

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