Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Day in the Life in the Future

The assignment: produce an Alternative Media Item using a new media tool. I chose ThingLink as my tool for this project. It's a tool for marking up images and video. I think I chose it because I had been thinking of using Zaption for my final project, and have since learned that Zaption will no longer be available. I never got a chance to use Zaption, and so I thought ThingLink might be similar.

I actually didn't like it that much. I kept being thwarted by options that really weren't available - and then I'd get the prompt to pay for the pro version. The whole salesmanship approach was really annoying - it wasn't even that amazing a tool. It occurred to me that Captivate could have done the same thing.

Anyway I imagined a day in the life of a high-school student in 2046. What I created was a week's agenda for students in my physics class. The twist was that my school was embedded in a spaceport on Mars, and that my students were located in four places in the solar system. I was imagining that I would have an LMS at my disposal for the course, and this agenda was a single page in that LMS. I had fun with the graphics, which I did in Photoshop, and I thought of cool resources (that currently exist) that might still exist in 2046. I also made a little podcast with Audacity. Files were stored in SoundCloud, Google Docs, and ThingLink.

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